Card dispensers with 1-6 magazines

Our card dispensers are based on a modular system. They can therefore be configured as required and combined with other devices. In this way, our devices can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Thanks to their high quality and compact design, the devices are durable and require little maintenance. Due to the many possible variations, we offer a flexible system and can therefore meet a wide range of requirements.

The card dispensers can be combined with card readers and encoders as well as with Thermo ReWrite printers. This Thermo ReWrite printer puts a high-quality monochrome print on the card. The printer does not need any consumables such as ribbons or toner, just the appropriate Thermo ReWrite cards. These Thermo ReWrite cards can be printed and erased up to 500 times with characters or graphics.

The wide range of products includes the smallest card dispenser on the market for 48 cards and also card dispensers for up to 3,000 cards.

Our devices basically have a special coupling system, which secures the individual issue of the cards and prevents card jams in the device. In addition, some devices have a special push mechanism. This is particularly suitable for cards that are used over and over again, e.g. in canteens or car washes, or are statically charged due to their material and can therefore often stick together and cause card jams. The push mechanism secures the individual output and prevents maintenance times.

We also offer solutions for wrapped cards. Even if these do not correspond to the standard size.

The devices with interchangeable magazines are particularly suitable for highly frequented areas of application. A change magazine enables the card dispenser to be filled quickly and easily.

Many devices also offer a feed function. The collection function is used when cards are to be withdrawn or are faulty. These cards are then automatically sorted out and placed in a collection box. Optionally, they can also be transported to an external box using a card slide.

Our devices have been used successfully in the market for many years.