RFID Reader for EV Chargingstations
RFID Module 13,56 MHz
RFID Desktopreader 125 KHz
RFID/NFC Cards printed
Motorized Cardreader / Motorized Cardencoder
IC Cards / Magnetcards
QR-Code-Reader / Bar-Code-Reader
RFID Desktopreader 13,56 MHz
RFID Wallreader 125 KHz
RFID/NFC Cards blank
Card dispenser with Card encoder
Cleaning Set for Card readers
Development for RFID/NFC-Systems
RFID access systems 125 KHz
RFID/NFC Keyfobs
Plug-In Cardreader


The RFID reader for the Modbus RTU interface. Start charging processes for electric cars, open barriers or doors. Identify users and share your system with an RFID transponder. Use the possibilities of the RFID technology in your Modbus RTU environment.

QU-630 Modbus The RFID for every application This reader is used in following applications:
Connection RS 485 Elektromobilität E-Mobility
Inputvoltage DC 7,5V bis 24V Zugangskontrolle Access Control
Temperatur range -20 °C to 70 °C Zeiterfassung Time Attendance
ISO 14443 13,56 MHz Mifare Elektronische Bezahlsysteme e-Payment System
Status LED Red / Green Parkraum Management Parking Management
Signal Magnetic Buzzer

RFID-WallreaderQU-630 Modbus

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