Cleaning cards

Regular cleaning of the devices avoids malfunctions and failures that are very often caused by soiling. Our cleaning cards are pre-moistened in the tear-open pouch and are very easy to use. The cleaning card effortlessly removes dust, dirt and grease from read heads and transport rollers, which ensures trouble-free use. You receive the cleaning cards in boxes of 50 pieces. Upon request, the card’s tear-open pouches and boxes can also be printed with your company logo.

Suitable for:

  • Magnetic card readers
  • Chip card readers
  • Slot reader
  • Swipe reader
  • Motor card readers with / without locking (shutter)
  • Thermal printer
Application examples:

  • EC machines
  • POS systems
  • Health insurance card readers
  • Parking machines
  • Kiosk terminals
  • Ticket machines
  • Access control systems
  • Toll systems and much more